I am Jorge P. Agostinho, and I reside in the state of Minnesota-U.S.A. First and foremost, from the bottom of my heart
I want to vouch and thank H.E. Ambassador Dr. Chihombori-Quao, for her succinct and steadfast message to the Chinese leadership;
as it relates to the ill-treatment and pugnacious handling of African Nationals; in the wake of (COVID-19) Pandemic
fortnight ago. Undeniably, these were very observable abase and racist episodes; and they seemed more rampant in
China’s opulent neighborhoods.  As they have been confirmed and reported by various sources. Furthermore,
a fraction of the host nation grudgingly attested the incidents. Nonetheless, it is mind bugling that these occurrences were
underreported or not reported at all by major network news organizations (e.g. the likes of BBC, CNN, MSNB, FOX NEWS etc. etc.).

This Afro-Sino relation has a bewildering contrast with respect to the maltreatment of Africans in China, bear in mind that all along
Africa has been incredibly receptive and very hospitable to Chinese nationals (e.g. be reminded that what is good
for the goose is good for the gander), even amid (COVID-19) Pandemic.

As the veracity of evidence indicates, paradoxically there seems to be a myopic and oblivious leadership in Africa, one that is not congruent with what it preaches.

In most instances than not, Africa’s leadership has been incredulously ambivalent in relation to matters of utmost importance. The people ought to exert pressure in order to undo the perpetual and benign control that has been imposed on our leaders by foreign powers. It is about time that the continent heads of government eschew themselves from “mismanagement, incompetence as well as ineptitude.” And of course the overarching problem of corruption (e.g. it is deemed to be Africa’s Achilles heel), must be dealt with paramount attention. In the same token, it will be
disingenuous to paint all the leaders with the same brush; of course it is worth noting, that there are those that are
doing fabulous job under very difficult circumstances.

However, no broken home is worth of respect. I here hope that my assessment will neither aggrieve nor put some of the continent’s leadership in an angst state. I profoundly thank Ambassador C-Quao for her equanimity and resolute response on China. I too am inclined to believe that in the foreseeable future Africa’s children will be the primary beneficiaries of her prosperity. I hope my views were able to permeate into each and every reader of this article. As it (article) was mainly intended in the furtherance of justice and equal treatment under the law. I equally hope that I was able to bring forth the drawbacks when it comes to prejudice (e.g. abase treatment to others) ethos of the past. P.S. bear with me if I have been in anyways outlandish in my remarks.

Considering that China has not been remorseful or contrite in apology. My special thanks to former (AU) African Union Ambassador to United States H.E. Dr. Chihombori-Quao.
I conclude kindly,
Dr. Jorge P. Agostinho