Vikram Insults “Murder Target” Vinod Yaddula

VIKRAM Investments Limited Chairman, Panyam Vikram Deva -Reddy has reacted crossly to allegations under police investigations that he plots to murder his former partner Vinod Yaddula whom he has labeled as a notorious criminal.

Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy

But Yaddula has hit back at Vikram, saying “I will drag him to court so that he can prove beyond reasonable doubt that I am a notorious criminal.”

And Just like Peter denied the LORD JESUS three times before His infamous death on the cross of

Calvary, Vikram Reddy says he does not know Vikram Investments Limited Manager Edward Morris, one of the suspects in “the Vinod Yaddula failed assassination attempt.”

Over a month ago, The Zambia Police Service, Flying Squad Unit pounced on four suspects, allegedly hired by Vikram to assassinate Yaddula, a Zambian of Asian origin.

Facts in our records indicate that Vikram and Yaddula crossed paths after the latter resigned from Vikram Investments Limited as shareholder and Director Operations. That resignation enraged Vikram who allegedly connived with Yaddula’s wife Gurramkonda Anusha to hire four assassins namely Shyam Liseli, Morris, Renald and Simon Nganga (Yaddula’s informer) to eliminate the complainant.

According to sources, Vikram and Anusha want Yaddula to die so that they can grab his prospecting mining license in North-Western Province.

However, the alleged murder plan backfired when Nganga worked against the group and started leaking information to Yaddula who later faked his death to bust at Vikram, putting off the alleged “death plan”.

According to information obtained, the price tag for Yaddula’s head was USD10 000 as though it is payment for killing a precious bird.

The four suspects were arrested and bundled at Lusaka Central Police, with their belongings that include vehicles, properties of Vikram Investment Limited and cell phones confiscated for being accessory to the criminal activity.

However, the four were released on police bond but are yet to appear in court, pending further police investigations.

When reached for a comment to substantiate the assertions that he is plotting to end the life of Yaddula, Vikram said he could not respond to the “stupid allegations.”

“I can’t respond to that stupid allegation. How can I plan to do that unnecessary thing,” Investments Chairperson said.

Asked whether he knows Morris Edward, one of the suspects in the conspiracy to murder Yaddula, Vikram said he has never heard of him.

When reminded that Morris is a recorded manager of Vikram Investment Limited, the company he (Vikram) is majority shareholder, Vikram vehemently denied knowing the conspiracy to murder suspect.

Pressed to deny links with Edward Morris, since recordings and phone recordings obtained from the mobile subscribers indicate that the two have been exchanging words, Vikram said: “Madam, listen, I don’t know who is Edward, I don’t know what is the discussion, I don’t know anything,” he said.
He further accused Yaddula of being a notorious criminal.

“He committed a forgery offense in the company share transfer and he evaded the cheque. He has stolen money from the company (Vikram Investments Limited). He has also taken company license by cheating the company. He is involved in a lot of criminal activities…many dishonest things…” Vikram said.

“I hope this criminal(Yaddula) will be punished the all day.”

But Yaddula laughed off the allegation, saying: “Vikram must be crazy…who is a criminal here? Is it me or himself who is sending mafias to kill me? Zambian people are very intelligent and know is a criminal between me and Vikram…otherwise, I am dragging him to court so that he proves that I am a criminal.”

Asked further if he knows a cop by the name of Chama believed to be his conduit in Zambia to torment Yaddula, Vikram said he does not know the gentleman.

According to information obtained from phone call records, Chama has been communicating to Edward Morris who is Vikram Investments Manager.

“I don’t know Chama,” Vikram said.

He added: “Madam am telling you…suppose you are talking to me…suppose I come to Zambia and we meet in the restaurant to have breakfast with me, this man (Yaddula) will say you are also plotting to kill him. He can say that (because) he has the tongue, he can say anything, bra bra bra.”

He added that Yaddula is not only a criminal in Zambia but he is also fugitive in India.

But in response Yaddula said: “My wife and Vikram have opened up fake cases in India using corrupt police officers so that as I am held there, they can grab my properties in Zambia.

On the cheque issue, Yaddula said he has sued his former Manager Karikiri Poornakurma and Vikram as first and second accused respectively for allegedly stealing his cheque hence he could not give further details on the matter, saying the case is coming 17th June 2020.

Despite the Zambian Government cancelling 48 mining licenses belonging to Vikram Investments Limited, Vikram claimed that he is a serious investor.

But Yaddula said he worked tirelessly to acquire the 48 licenses for Vikram Investment Limited but out of selfishness and greed, Vikram (Company Chairperson) failed to invest in them hence Government move to put them off.

“The Ministry of Mines have grabbed those licenses to give them to credible investors because my former never invested in them as a majority shareholder,” he said.

Yaddula said he did not want to comment on the conspiracy to murder allegations because it was before the investigative wings of the Zambian Government.

He said the matters Vikram has raised are contemptuous as they are before the courts, therefore refused to fall in a trap.

He, however, said he will sue Vikram for defamation of character so that he proves his allegation beyond reasonable doubts.

Meanwhile Vikram has claimed that he respects the Zambian judiciary.

But not too long ago, Vikram reportedly insulted the judiciary when he dared the Magistrate Court to serve the summon in ” his ass” in the matter Yaddula sued him for forgery and theft of cheques.