Covid-19 Not An Obstacle To 2021 Polls-Leslie Chikuse

By  Jacqueline Mwitwa

Republican Progressive Party Vice President Leslie Chikuse believes that the 2021 General elections will go ahead despite the global Covid-19 pandemic that has continued to decimate humanity.

Chikuse middle, GBM right

There are fears that the PF may use the excuse of the Covid-19 pandemic to prolong their stay in power.

But when reached for a comment on whether Covid-19 was a threat to the 2021 polls, Mr. Chikuse said the polls cannot be suspended despite the global pandemic because they are ordained by the Zambian Constitution.

He added that it is a well known fact that Covid-19 is a Global pandemic but it does not mean that the constitution should be broken because of it.

He stated that elections can only be suspended if there was an Ammended Bill that authorised such an act, adding that there is a concrete Electoral System that governs the conduct of elections dispite whatever factors that may seem as a threat.

Meanwhile, Political Activist Dante Saunders has called on electoral stakeholders to come together and plan for the 2021 general elections.
According to Saunders, there are fears that the PF may use the Covid-19 to stay beyond their mandate in power hence the need for stakeholders to plan for an interim Government in an event that the situation worsens.

In another development, Mr Chikuse says Government lacks policies and clear guidelines that must ensure financial integrity in the usage of public funds like the donations made towards the fight against Covid-19.

Mr Chikuse’s remarks comes in a wake of accusations that on social media blogs that the PF is using donated money on the 2021 campaign programme.

He explained that this social media drama was birthed when the Zambian Vice President Inonge Wina made a statement that was more of a complaint than an advise that the Covid-19 donated funds were not properly utilised by Government officials.

Mr. Chikuse said Zambians can not take it that every time funds are donated towards Covid-19, the Vice President should be there to remind her fellow Government officials that funds should be allocated to the treasury which rather suggested that the funds were not been kept in the treasury where they ought to be in the first place.

The Republican Progressive Party(RPP) vice president however, emphasised the need for government to put in place clear policies and guidelines that will ensure transparency in the handling and usageof public funds by government officials.

Recently, an audio recording in which PF cadre Kennedy Kamba is explaining to another person unknown on how to distribute money including covid-19 donation to selected PF supporters.