By Paul Jones Sinyangwe

NAREP President Stephen Nyirenda has advised PF Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo to apologize to the Zambians he assaulted, traumatized and abused during his personalized covid-19 fight and mealie meal shortage period.

Mr. Nyirenda has also commended Musician Brian Bwembya known to many as B-Flow for standing up to speak out for the country’s deteriorating democratic principles.

The NAREP leader has applauded B-Flow for speaking out and openly supporting the Zambia for Zambians motion started and supported by NAREP.

“I am amazed by Brian. He has seen for himself how this country is losing itself with so called investors who come to compete with locals with full blessings of the current government. We as NAREP won’t entertain such. Zambia is for Zambians hence they should come first,” Said Mr Nyirenda.

Mr. Nyirenda has further advised Mr. Lusambo who is also Lusaka Province Minister and the former MMD Die Hard activist to humble himself and emulate his mentor, the “humble” leader of the patriotic front and Republican President Edgar Lungu.

“Mr. Bowman has become too pompous for his seat and is indirectly and directly making the head of state look very bad in the eyes of the Zambians. We all know the head of state does not have any vision for Zambia and Zambians. But his minister is making it worse for his boss by thinking his bullying nature will gain him favor from the President and distance himself from being fired,” He said.

“Mr. Lusambo should apologize to Zambians for his brutal actions. He had so many people beaten up, threatened and abused over his personalized covid-19 fight. We know a number of people who where assaulted by Lusambo through his directives to police officers, we all saw him commanding police to arrest people buying mealie meal. This man should know by now that power comes and goes. He should make peace with Zambians. Tomorrow he will be back on the streets and will meet the same Zambians he brutalized.”

And Mr. Nyirenda has castigated people whose loyalty depends on who feeds them.

“We have had cases where someone condemns the wrongs by government, then next minute they apologize. What kind of reasoning is this? Today you say this, tomorrow you change. It’s high time Zambians started thinking beyond their bellies. If you see that am wrong, tell me and help me change my status quo for the benefit of your country men and women,” he observed.

The NAREP leader was responding to journalists who visited his office yesterday.