Unruly PF Cadres Annoy Haimbe…As Ruling Party Cadres Demolish Shops In Bauleni

As thuggery continues to be a holder of the day in the current regime, known Patrotic Front(PF) cardres recently    swung into action in Bauleni township where they have demolished makeshift stands, popularly known as tuntemba, next to Bauleni Community Police post.

The trading place belongs  to about seven (7) women that have been operating  at that location for over 25 years.

UPND Lusaka Central aspiring candidate Mulambo Haimbe who rushed to the scene explained that the known cardres have claimed the land for themselves and have since ferried building materials there with a view, apparently, to build shops on the Land.

An attempt to find out how or indeed whether the Land in issue has been allocated to the known cardres by the Lusaka City Council proved futile by press time as officers spoken to expressed ignorance.

The affected women who include widows have lamented the action as their structures which they pur up at great cost have been damaged and they have lost all means of livelihood. Mr Haimbe has vowed to get to the bottom of the issue and to assist the women to regain their means of earning a living.