Driver Loses Apetite After Wife Scandal

Driver Loses Apetite After Wife Scandal

A Bus driver told a local court how he drove home after lunch one afternoon only to find his wife cooking nothing but having sex with another man. Paul Ngoma 44, of Garden House in Lusaka told the Kanyama local court that he found a man naked in his bedroom.

He said he decided to pass through home for lunch because he had gone home to have his bus worked on.

Upon entering his house, his wife came out of the bedroom and ran away. Out of suspicion, Ngoma proceeded to the bedroom where he found a man naked.

Ngoma was testifying in a matter in which he sued Kennedy Banda 45 of Mtendere Townshio seeking compensation for adultery.

I found Banda Naked in my bedroom on Monday afternoon. His clothes, shoes and boxer were on the floor, I told him to dress up, but he tried to run away until I called young men I worked with who later caught him,” he said.

Ngoma said he took Banda to police who advised to take him to court.

He said he had been hearing rumours in the neighborhood that his wife Beene Bother 30, goes out with another man.

“This man has finished me for sleeping with my wife, I want the court to deal with him. In his defense, Banda admitted that Ngoma found him in the bedroom with his wife but claimed that there was another woman with them in the bedroom, a friend of Banda’s wife called Mercy.

Banda told the court that they were just seated on the bed chatting as opposed to Ngoma’s revelations that he found Banda and his wife..

I did not know that Charity Bother is married. She told me that she is a widow  and has two children. She told me that we seat in the bedroom because she has no chairs in the sitting room,” Banda said.

He told the court the he knew Bother though Facebook in 2019 and the two have been chatting ever since.

Banda said he went to Ngomas house because she invited him to