Leave Jaja alone, Chipenzi Tells Off Police

By Jacqueline Mwitwa

Electoral Expert and Former Post Newspaper Journalist Mcdonald Chipenzi has described the act of summoning Zambia Institute of Independent Media Association (ZIIMA) President Jajah Coulibally of Lusaka to appear at Kabwe Police where he presented himself for interrogations as a pure instimidation and harrassment of media.

This was after ZIIMA issued a statement condemning Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) Cordinator Chanda Kabwe over his alligations that radio stations in Southern Province were telling people that there is no Covid-19 in Zambia.
In a company of his lawyer, Ngulube of Kabesha Mulilo and Company and ZIIMA consultant Wilson Mpondamali,
Coulibally arrived at Kabwe Central Police at 10:00.
During press time, the the matter was referred to the Kabwe District Headquarters where Coulibally is being investigated under the Fraud and Financial Unit.

When reached for a comment, Chipenzi wondered why Coulibally was being summoned in Kabwe instead of Lusaka where he allegedly issued those defamatory remarks.

If the statement by Mr. Coulibally was made in Lusaka, he is supposed to be summoned by Lusaka police,” said Mr. Chipenzi.
He warned that such an act is aimed at shrinking the media space in the nation and requires citizens of the country to stand firm and condemn it with the contempt it deserves.

Chipenzi said he found it strange that media personnels are being intimidated in such a manner.
He accused the ruling team of using state machine to silence divergent views and the platforms through which those divergent views are being heard.

Mr. Chipenzi urged Zambians to defend the democracy the nation has cherished since the country reverted to multi party politics.
“The state is willing to harrass, oppress and intimidate the entire media fraternity,” Mr Chipenzi said.