Statement On The Need To Respect Pres. Lungu

June 19, 2020

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu deserves respect from every citizen regardless of their ethnic background, political or religious affiliation.

It’s worth noting that respect is both a virtue and value everyone must strive to practice.

Disrespect of national leaders and elderly in society is not only alien to the African culture, unZambian, but also unacceptable in a Christian nation like Zambia.

However, we have noted with grave concern that some clergy, politicians and traditional leaders in an alliance with media outlets hostile to Government are the ones attacking the Head of State.

We urge those abusing the freedom of expression and the media by persistently attacking the character of President Lungu to desist from doing so, as it’s tantamount to insulting the collective intelligence of millions of Zambians that gave him the mandate to govern the affairs of the country.

In view of the foregoing, we now call upon the law enforcement agencies to enforce the law that protects the Office of the President and the person who occupies it.

Issued by:

A consortium of political parties and non-governmental organizations