Leaders should not underestimate the power of social media


NEXT year’s election must be strategic.

After watching the way the youth conducted their clandestine protest today, I was awakened by the fact that these youngsters were smart and very clever in their approach.

They broke the mold and decided to reach the masses through the power of social media.

Standing in the middle of nowhere, the youth spoke with clarity and conviction. They looked beyond the here and now. They regarded themselves as seeds planted in the fertile soil of progressive resistance. They spoke like Martyrs ready to die for their country.

It’s time for the powers-that-be to take note of this seismic shift in the Zambian political landscape. 2021 will not be business as usual. Whoever triumphs in next year’s election will do so because they would have convinced and won the hearts of the electoral.

My advice to all the political players is this…don’t underestimate the power of social media.

The Arab spring, which began in response to oppressive regimes and a low standard of living, started with protests in Tunisia which were sparked by social media.

I am both hopeful and apprehensive about 2021. We are passed the era of dying for our ideologies…Dr. Kaunda and his team already did that for us. Today’s youth doesn’t have to die for Zambia…today’s youth should only speak and be heard.

I was truly touched when the youth prayed and sought the face of God at the end of their speeches. They exhibited a great deal of respect for the government but they also expressed their disdain for rampant, unbridled corruption.

The only super power that each one of us possesses is the power to VOTE. Which ever side you belong to…use that power…it only comes around once every 5 years.




By Simon Mwewa Lane