‘Vikram Admits Plotting Against Yaddula’

Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy

By Staff Reporter

VIKRAM Investments Limited Chairperson Vikram Deva Reddy has sternly warned his former partner and murder target Vinod Yaddula that “he will be sorry for crossing his path”.

In his recent WhatsApp post, Vikram, the alleged mastermind of the conspiracy to murder warned Yaddula that he will face his (Vikram’s) wrath for “cheating” him when the complainant(Yaddula) abandoned Vikram Investment Limited to concentrate on his own company.
But Yaddula says as shareholder and director of Vikram Investment Limited, he was at liberty to venture into any business, charging that “Vikram is driven by hatred, bitterness and jealousy towards me. That is why he turned my wife (Gurramkonda Anusha against me and subsequently hired killers to harm me.”
He said Vikram was fully aware that he was carrying an investor’s permit and not a work permit.
Meanwhile, impeccable sources indicate that the Human Rights Commission and other reputable organizations in India have taken keen interest in the alleged assassination attempt of Vikram on his former partner Vinod Yaddula.
Perhaps feeling the heat, Vikram rushed to WhatsApp and posted a horror movie of a middle aged man anticipating death, in an apparent reference to Yaddula, his former partner-cum-foe.
In another post, Vikram warned Yaddula: “Why are you crying today? I told you that day that your cheating [will] never fetch you anything. You will regret for it…If you didn’t cheat me, I would not disturb you. Don’t do allegations for [against] me for your blunders and wrong deeds.”
Sources in India indicate that the Indian Human Rights Commission is pulling strings on Vikram wife Gurramkonda Anusha for allegedly conspiring to murder Yaddula, a former partner and husband respectively.
Facts in our records suggest that on 23rd March 2020, Vikram, allegedly working together with Anusha hired four assassins, namely Shyam Liseli, Edward Morris, Renald and Simon Nganga (Yaddula’s informer) to supposedly eliminate the complainant.
However, the murder plot backfired when Nganga breached the devilish code and started working with Yaddula and offloaded vital information, ranging from phone call conversations, WhatsApp messages and text messages, incriminating evidence against Vikram and others.
The four were arrested by the Zambia Police Service, C5 Unit, with their cell phones and vehicles confiscated and bundled at Lusaka Central Police Station for being accessory to the criminal activity.
Three months after, the case is still under investigation and yet to be presented to court.
Sources close to the development indicate that the complainant (Yaddula), acting on the advice from the Zambian High Commission in India has informed the Human Rights Commission among other reputable organizations in India to wreak an arrest and prosecute Vikram, his wife Anusha and others for their alleged involvement in the infamous “Vinod Yaddula failed murder attempt.”
“What the boss, Vikram wants is that guy to die. Vikram said that ‘remove his eyes. You cannot kill him if you want but remove his eyes so that he does not have sight again.’… That guy must be crashed…He must die,” Liseli was heard telling Simon Nganga in one of the recordings.
Vikram and Yaddula became foes when the latter resigned from Vikram Investment as shareholder and director to concentrate on his mining firm Srisai Chaithrika Mining Limited.
Sources close to the developments indicate that Vikram is upset with Yaddula for opening a company in 2015 without his knowledge.
But Yaddula said he was a partner and not an employee of Vikram hence was at liberty to open his own firm.
However, Vikram insists that Yaddula was his worker and not a partner.
“I gave you shares and directorship because you are my employee…you are not my partner, you are my worker,” Vikram exclaimed.
But Yaddula flashed an investor permit to this writer, suggesting that he was not a worker but an investor.