NDC Youths Remain Coy Over PF Lirs & Continued Politicking

NDC Youths Remain Coy Over PF Lirs & Continued Politicking

The *National Democratic Congress Party* NDC youth’s on the Copperbelt are disturbed at the continued lies of the PF concerning Youth empowerment.
We note that the PF leadership dont mean well and the setting aside of K30 million towards Youth empowerment is a mere joke.
The call youths have been making goes beyond empowerment we need many issues addressed; such as rampant corruption, shrinking freedom of expression and abuse of human rights.

Chisha Moses

The PF govt promised 500 000 jobs during campaigns which they were to create and up to now they have failed to deliver on that promise for jobs to the youth’s and Zambians at large.
The recently proposed Indaba by PF Copperbelt chairman Nathan Chanda will not yield any results as it remains an exercise in futility meant to hoodwink the youths into believing that this govt cares to address challenges youth’s are facing.
I urge all young people on the Copperbelt and the entire nation not to take such promises as Gospel truth for have many times heard such pronouncements yet with no tangible results. It is not the the first time PF is making such promises.

As NDC youths on the Copperbelt our call is that govt must be more pragmatic and show leadership on many fronts and not just doing some lip service without any meaningful results, address corruption, fire those who are found on the wrong side of the law, restore sanity in the civil service and ensure there is transparency at every sphere of govt from top to bottom, it’s not enough to silence the voice of the youth’s with a meagre share, we shall not stop speaking out against the atrocities being committed as doing that is suicidal on our democracy and the future of this nation.

Youths are the future leader’s of this country and so it’s not enough to sell our birthright for K30million on the premise of Presidential empowerment.

Youth’s are equal partners in economic development and as such we demand for sanity in the running of this country, we demand for morality from our leader’s and only then shall we achieve total economical and political emancipation, we demand that our leaders respect and uphold the rule of law.

Nothing will quench the spirit and voice of the youths and as young people from NDC we shall continue to echo our voice on behalf of the many Zambians both old and young.

God bless mother Zambia and God bless the Youth’s, the future is bright…

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*Chisha Moses*