No One Is Concerned On How Private School Teachers Are Surviving

No One Is Concerned On How Private School Teachers Are Surviving

(Lamentation of unemployed teacher)

Let me register my complaint to whoever it may concern.

To start with, 99% of us who did teaching are regretting to have gone for such a course where you spend 3 or 5 years in college and then spend the rest of our life time waiting for deployment.

It is indeed disappointing and disgracing that our parents took us to college and they have to continue taking care of us even after taking us to school because “there is no employment for teachers”.

There are more than 30 thousand teacher in the streets struggling to ain a leaving and waiting for unknown years of deployment.
But schools are badly stroke by shortage of teachers. “What went wrong”?

More than 90% of those and us who did teaching regret to have done this course.
Our breathing space was private schools but they are now shattered and to be opened on a date which only God knows.

Most private schools have very big space and good infrastructure some are even better than some government schools but do not yet have examination classes due to the fact that they want to start from grassroots and nature their own for exams. But where are they?? Shattered off course.

The questions which most of us and them must ask are:

1* ” How are those teachers who depend on private schools surviving Since March when schools where closed?

2* ” when did the government lastly deploy a good number of teachers?”

3* ” is the country going to have people going for teaching courses in the next 2 years to come?”

4* Is is not shameful to train people and keep them for 100 years and forever waiting for deployment?

5* why not opening international market for teachers if they are too many in Zambia?

6* How do our parents feel after taking us to school then we wait for deployment not until we get old and die without having been legally and formally employed?

As an employed teachers am hereby saying: please BA Minister of general education with the well tabulated and chronological points above, look into this address us and register our concerns to the offices above.

We paid the TCZ fees as you directed us to do and we thought things will OK when you register, we developed some hope but landing in hopeless. Things are getting worse than ever.

In conclusion, let me congratulate our colleagues who are in service and shout out that:

“ala yalikaba kuno kunse”

Most of these bus conductors, drivers, garden boys, security guards street vendors and some barrow pushers if you only hear him or her speaking good ENGLISH ask them what course they did it’s definitely