Nkana Constituency Residents Rise Against Area MP Chiteme

Nkana Constituency Residents Rise Against Area MP Chiteme

Nkana constituency residents rose against their area Member of Parliament this afternoon at Insomia where the area MP invited people from the constituency to collect mealimeal and some handouts as area Member of Parliament is now panicking ahead of the general elections next year because he is guilty that he has not delivered and now using possible ways of winning come 2021.

The situation was not all good as residents who were invited by the area MP ended up been beaten by his inche men as they tried to enter the premises of Insomia were the function was taking place.

Residents of Nkana constituency expressed themselves that there is no way we can been invited to collect mealimeal only to be beaten,some started leaving the premises and promised not to vote for him because they have realized that they are now been used.

Chiteme is guilty of not delivering as time is running out for him and residents now want a youthful leader who will resuce them from the hardships in the constituency.

Chiteme is likely to battle it out with former Kitwe district commissioner Binwell Mpundu who is a biggest threat to him and knows what he is capable of doing to him, hence putting chiteme in a panic mode.

Due to the confusion which rose some residents didn’t even receive the mealimeal and handouts.

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  1. filiale   July 2, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    Whose fault is it