We Are Revolutionists-Dr Silumbe

We are not politicians but revolutionists, Leadership Movement(LM)  leader Richard Silumbe has declared, as he bemoans the raping and taking over of the Zambian natural resources by foreigners.
And Dr Silumbe has assured that once the Leadership Movement forms Government, it will provide four (4) million jobs to the Zambian youth.

Speaking at the Press Conference held at the party secretariat in Lusaka’s Chalala area, Dr Silumbe said the Leadership Movement is leading a revolution that wants to transform lives of Zambian youths and ensuring that they get what constitutionally and rightfully belong to them.
He said time has come for Zambians to change the colonial mindsets.
“We are revolutionist and not politicians. The revolution is coming and we are the ones that are leading a revolution. Enough is enough, youths have nothing to do….they have no jobs. We can’t allow that scenario to continue after 2021. Youths will have speak more…we need to change the colonial mindset,” Dr Silumbe declared.
He is exasperated that Chinese and other foreign nationals have taken over land that belong to Zambians.

Dr Silumbe cited land as one of the birth rights that each and every Zambians need to have.
“ We can’t sit idle and watch foreigners taking away and raping our natural resources,” Dr Silumbe said
Last year, the leadership movement visited Lumfunsa area in Lusaka Province where Dr Silumbe bemoaned the fact that most residents where occupying land without  title deeds, over 55 years after the country liberated itself from colonial law.
He said at the time that a title deed is a necessary document that can be used to acquire a loan by a particular citizen in time of need.
And Dr Silumbe has predicted that the Leadership Movement will give four million jobs to Zambian youths once it forms Government.
He said Zambia is on a time bomb as most of her  youths are not in employment.
“Youths are not a problem, they are part of the solution. Just as the Secretary General (Brown Sinkala) has said, we are going to employ over four million youths,” Dr Silumbe said