Simon Kabanda Protests Against Airtel

Development Activist Simon Kabanda on Saturday, 4th July took a lone protest, demonstrating about Airtel’s incompetence and poor services.

According to Mr Kabanda, Airtel, a Zambian Mobile Service Provider could not provide him Zesco units, 48 hours after making a transaction.
Tumfweko Media found the Development Activist sat on the floor in protest against Airtel’s shoddy services following its failure to provide him electricity units on time.
According to the Airtel transaction notice ID (identity) MP200703.1401.h51298 made available to Mr Kabinda,a payment of K300 was made by the client but the power units were not availed to him.

After a long hour of sitting on the floor right at the entrance to the Airtel Manda Hill Offices while protesting, Airtel management decided to refund him the K300 he paid for electricity.
However, Mr Kabanda was not satisfied as his units were not delivered to him a situation which prompted him to pay directly to Zesco in order acquire the units.

“I am today protesting against the poor services of Airtel. They have decided to refund my money but it is too late. Moreover, they have not given me my units, signifying poor service by the mobile service provider (Airtel),” Mr Kabanda said.

He said despite being refunded the said amount he would still pursue the matter further to deter Airtel from exploiting would be clients.
Mr Kabanda said he will write to Airtel complaining about poor service delivery, saying Airtel could not have refunded him if he did not sit on their door step.

“Even if they (Airtel) have refunded me the money I paid for electricity pre-paid bill, I will still write to its management complaining about poor services,” he said, “ I am speaking for many Zambians who can’t come here and protest.”