Statement On The So Called Opposition Alliance Fielding A Single Candidate In 2021

July 5, 2020

The so-called opposition alliance to field a single Presidential candidate for 2021 polls is a farce as it is UPND’s disguised scheme to ride on other opposition leaders in an effort to prop up their sole presidential candidate.

We are alive to the fact that Hakainde Hichilema is UPND’s sole presidential candidate for 2021 polls, and cannot form an alliance with any opposition leader who does dot pander to his whims or stoop to his selfish interests.

However, Zambians in their collective intelligence will not relegate the mandate to govern them to the called opposition alliance leaders as they have nothing to offer the Zambian people except that they are vindictive and power hungry.

Zambians will recall that opposition political alliances in Zambia have never worked as they are premised on a selfish agenda to remove those in power and not to improve the people’s welfare.

Therefore, the opposition’s attempt to “cut, copy and paste “the Malawian election formula is null and void as it is not applicable to the Zambian scenario.

We advise the so-called opposition alliance partners not to allow UPND to use them as ladders or stepping stones for propping up their sole presidential candidate for the 2021 polls.

In the same vein, we appeal to the Zambian people to remain in their alliance with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who means well for the country and continues to roll out all inclusive development that leaves no one behind.

We are confident that the Zambian people will renew President Lungu’s mandate to govern the nation given his “tried, tested and trusted “leadership qualities.