UPND’s Leaky Kintu Puts Govt On Its Toes …As  China Construction State  Begins Works On Kipushi-Solwezi Road 


United Party for National Development(UPND) Solwezi East Member of Parliament Leaky Kintu’s (above in picture) persistent calls for Government to rehabilitate Kipushi-Solwezi Road in North- Western Province have paid off, with the road contractor, China State Construction mobilising equipment and moving on the site.

China State Construction which has for a long paid a blind eye on the “deplorable” road that connects people of Mushindamo in particular, Chikola  and Musaka areas in Solwezi East Constituency   woke up from slumber after sustained alarms by Mr Kintu.

Kipushi-Solwezi Road before construction works began

Thanks in no small parts to the Solwezi East law-maker, China State Construction is currently doing remedial works before starting major rehabilitation works on the Kipushi-Solwezi Road.

Last week,  during the question and answer session with the Vice President, Mr Kintu wanted to know when Government would move in and work on Kipushi-Solwezi Road.

Kipushi Solwezi Road now in construction

” Kipushi-Solwezi Road is in a very deplorable state. The Government assured the people of Mushindamo in particular, Chikola  and Musaka that this road would be done. I travel in this road and only about 10 KM has been gravelled. When is your Government going to do this road?” the determined Kintu querried Vice President Inonge Wina.

In response, Ms Wina assured the law-maker that works on that road would commence soon.


“Mr Speaker, most of the contractors were not working because of the rains. But now that the rains are over, you will see many of them working on the roads.

As  for  Kipushi-Solwezi Road, the company that is working on that road has been funded and will be on the road to start works at the shortest possible time. Therefore, the Honourable member should be assured that works  will continue to be undertaken to improve the status of that road,” she assured.

Within two days of Ms Wina’s assurance, China State Construction firm moved in and started remedial works in readiness for the main job.


The move thrilled Mr Kintu.

The jovial law-maker is however, pessimistic that the works on the road that is in deplorable state are long overdue, charging that it could have been rehabilitated a   long time ago.

When reminded that the opposition ought to give praise where it is due, Mr Kintu said he saw no reason why he should give kudos to Government for doing its job.

He said the Government has a   duty to provide services to the Zambian people.


“We are demanding that these roads be done by the Government because it is its  responsibility. Kipushi-Solwezi Road has been there for a very long time but it has never been worked on… So we are saying, can the Government do something about this Road because people have been suffering for many years. We have seen that the company that they engaged is mobilising. That is a right way to go because the people of Mushindabo and in particular Chisaka and Chikola have been suffering for a very long time,” he said.

Mr Kintu said as a parliamentarian, he will continue pushing Government to do the right thing for the people in his constituency.



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