Zambian Man Who Abandoned His Wife & Kids Kills Himself After Finding His Girlfriend With Another Man

Zambian Man Who Abandoned His Wife & Kids Kills Himself After Finding His Girlfriend With Another Man

A man of Kasala village in Nangoma has committed suicide after finding his girlfriend with another man in their home.

Festone Solo, 44 took his life recently barely two days after he found his girlfriend with another man.

He was a well-known motor bike repairer in nangoma.

Motor bikers came for Mr Solo a dramatic send off on Wednesday when they escorted thehearse carrying his coffin to his final resting place.

Most traders also opted to close businesses for his burial.

Zambia police acting spokesperson Godfrey Chilabi has confirmed the incident.

Mr Chilabi said police at Nangoma in Mumbwa received a report of the death on Monday last week.

“A woman identified as Ebby Shishawasha, 31 of village Kasalu in Chief Shakumbila’s area reported the case saying her husband of the same abode took an insecticide, in tablet form and later died, “ he said.

He said police conducted investigations and it was revealed that there was no  foul play involved in the death of MR solo.

The body was taken to Nangoma mission hospital. He was later buried on July 1 in Mumbwa. No post-mortem was conducted because that was what the relatives requested.

The case was treated as a case of suicide, he said. The deceased is said to have allegedly abandoned his wife and children for a younger woman he committed suicide for.

Once of the residents said it was sad that he chose to end his life over a woman he did not officially marry.

“We don’t know much about his background, what we know however is that he left his wife and children in another village when he came here for greener pastures,” one of the traders said.

She said when he moved to Kasalu and opened his motorbike repair shop, he instantly became popular among local motorbike owners.

She said he met the woman he was cohabiting with three months ago and the two moved in together.

“He moved in with his girlfriend and that is where he has been staying for these months.

But on Saturday he caught the same woman with another man in bed. Maybe he was heartbroken and killed himself on Monday. It’s unfortunate,” she said.

Another resident identified as Cheelo described the deceased as a good man with a kind and caring nature.

“Everyone here knew and love him, that is why all the motorbikes are going for his burial. I wish the situation was different but I cannot kill myself over a woman with questionable character,” he said.

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