Dauzeni Tembo Apologises To Felix Mutati

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Following the statement  I recently issued, protesting against the Felix Mutati-led Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD’s) failure to settle the outstanding bill to my security firm,  SDT Security Guard Services   for the services rendered  to them at the party secretariat, I wish to sincerely apologize  for my actions and withdraw my remarks forthwith.
After serious reflections and  wide consultations  from both my family and the peace loving Zambians,  I am deeply sorry for  the misunderstanding and embarrassment I caused to the former ruling party and it’s president.
To put records straight, I  would like to state that the matter has been resolved amicably and the debt has been settled by  the able leadership of president Mutati.
I will continue to appreciate the working partnership with Mr Mutati and I
can now safely say that I am a happy person because my relationship with the former Finance Minister is  cordial,  having reconciled with him on the matter.
To all the security guards I owe, I wish to state that following  the   payment, I will be calling  you  so that I clear your arrears forthwith.
Once more, I wish to apologise for the damage and inconvenience my actions caused to Mr Mutati and the former ruling party.
Viva Mutati viva.
Always at heart,
Dauzeni Tembo.