Zambian Man Tells Court His Wife Charges Him For Sex

How much does sex in marriage cost? This question begged an answer in a Bulangililo Local Court when a 40-year-old man testified that his wife demands to be paid each time he asked to have sex with her.
Everisto Mwansa, 35, of Bulangililo Township complained that his wife started charging him for sex after he lost his job, saying that he does not provide for the family.
This came up in court after his wife Cecilia Chileshe, 40, sued him for reconciliation.
In his defence, Mwansa told the court that his wife has no respect for their marriage because she charges him to have sex with her.
“My wife has been charging me for having sex with her from the time I lost my job and it is the reason we have been having problems in our marriage,” Mwansa said.

He said his wife also refers to him as a dirty man everytime he tries to have sex with her. Mwansa also complained that his wife does not wash for him and that he is forced to wash clothes for himself.

He told the court that he is willing to reconcile with his wife as long as she stops charging him for sex. Chileshe earlier narrated that she has no peace in her marriage because of her husband’s tendency of accusing her and her brother who is a pastor of practicing witchcraft whenever he is drunk.

Chileshe also told the court that her husband has more female friends than male friends which makes her so uncomfortable. Bulangililo senior local court magistrate Kambole Nyoni reconciled the couple and advised them to live I harmony