Put Science and Technology at the Centre of Development-DSAT

DSAT Founder Veronica Mwaba

WE encourage government to practically put science and technology at the centre of national development if Covid-19 is to be managed, Dziwa Science and Technology Trust (DSAT) has encouraged government.

And DSAT has appealed to government to create a stimulus package for equipment internet inclusive to allow locally based scientists conduct their research without any difficulties.

DSAT Executive Director Veronica Mwaba says being practical was better than being reactive in the fight against Covid-19.

“Covid 19 has devastated economies as well as humans and we are going to lag big time as a country if we do not invest in science education,” she said.

Ms Mwaba observed that the pandemic had taught countries and individuals many lessons that needed to be seriously taken care of.

She noted that there was need to build confidence amongst health workers by providing necessary equipment if progress was to be made in the fight against the pandemic while adapting to the new normal.

Ms Mwaba further said that it was impressive to note that the country did not import any professionals to help with the covid situation as the Ministry of Health was upto the task.

She said that it was due to that fact that the sector needed capacity building in terms of technology.

Ms Mwaba however, encouraged government to increase the use of ICTs so as to see more Youths take the Lead on the use of ICTS.

“It would be encouraging to see a generation of youths with the potential to create business opportunities through ICTs.

There is no doubt that the drivers of Sustainable development goals are young people.