Miles Sampa Does Not Own Matero Stadium-Kaunda


MATERO constituency ward 28 councillor Kelvin Kaunda says Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa must not hallucinate over owning Matero stadium as it belongs to the community.

In an interview, Mr Kaunda who is also Eden University proprietor said the council entered into a lease agreement with Matero Constituency Development Trust (MCDT), a community body registered in 2012 to promote developmental projects in the constituency.

Mr Kaunda explained that Mr Sampa being area Member of Parliament in 2012 only acted as a witness like others who signed on the lease agreement on behalf of the constituency.

He also explained that the late Lusaka mayor Wilson Kalumba had a full council meeting in 2018 in which it was resolved that the lease be terminated and that the minutes were available right at the council if he wanted to check.

“I never chaired a meeting as he claims, i was represented by my deputy and the mayor then Mr Kalumba who is late and councillors resolved that the lease agreement be terminated, that lease agreement was between the council and community, not an individual,” he said.

Mr Kaunda further said the registration of the Matero Constituency Development Trust was also on behalf of the constituency and that different persons like some clergy, senior citizens and civic leaders had their signatures on the certificate just like the mayor.