Support Rural Primary Schools With Proper Internet Services To Achieve E-learning


GOVERNMENT should ensure that there is more determination to achieving E- learning amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, The Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW) has advised.

And ZAW noted that the marginalised can hardly connect with their lecturers or teachers for lack of proper internet services.

Organisation Executive director Edah Chimya says that there are primary school pupils that live in areas where there was no internet connectivity.

” Most of them do not have money to buy bundles everyday and do not have television sets that some pupils are privileged with,” she said.

Ms Chimya said that E-learning was some how also a discrimination to the pupils living with disabilities, More especially the blind.

She said it was important to research and appreciate the challenges that the new type of learning had come with and find the way forward so that no one is left behind.

Ms Chimya observed that it was also difficult for children to learn from the home environment compared to adults and that it was also difficult for guardians to fit in the shoes of teachers to assist.