Finally,Murder Plot Case Goes To The Zambian DPP

Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy


The Zambia Police Service, Flying Squad Unit has finally submitted the case docket of conspiracy to murder a Zambian businessman, Vinod Yaddula to the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) office in the capital Lusaka for determination before it is submitted to court.

Meanwhile, following concerns from the Zambian High Commission in India, the authorities in India have taken keen interest in the murder plot of the 40-year- old Yaddula.
This is a case in which Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy and others are allegedly plotting to end Yaddula’s life.

On 25th March 2020, the Zambia Police Service(C5 Unit) arrested four suspects namely, Shyam Liseli, Edward Morris, Renald for conspiring to murder Yaddula.

However, the alleged murder plan backfired when Yaddula’s informer Simon Nganga, working undercover, adduced incriminating evidence that includes audio recordings, pictorial proof, phone recording and WhatsApp conversations between himself and Vikram’s alleged hired assassins.

In their alleged murder plan, Nganga was tasked to finish the job but he chose to breach the devilish code and started leaking information to Yaddula and the police.
Nganga, was however, picked up by police to help them with the investigation and subsequently, leading the police to the conspiracy to murder suspects.

The four were released on police bond, supposedly facilitated by Vikram’s named lawyers, with vehicles, belonging to Vikram Investments Limited that were captured for being used for being accessories to the heinous crime returned to the owner.

Police, initially took the case docket to the DPP but it was sent back for facilitation of the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority(ZICTA) report.

After six months of waiting, the file has been returned to the DPP’s office for further guidance before it is submitted to court.

Impeccable sources at the NPA revealed that the case docket is in the hands of the authorities and the suspects are expected to appear in court soon.

And sources in India intimated that the Indian High Commission for Human Right have taken keen interest in the murder conspiracy of Yaddula.

The Zambian High Commission to India had advised Yaddula to open a case against Vikram in India were he is reportedly residing.

In response, Yaddula wrote letters to various Indian institutions, alerting them that since his resignation from Vikram Investments Limited to concentrate on his business, he has been receiving death threats from Vikram and others.

According to a source close to the development, the India High Commission for Human Rights is working round the clock to ensure that Vikram is brought to book.

“Yes the Indian High Commission for Human Right is investigating the issue and once it concludes the investigation, it will hand over the matter to the police for possible arrest of Vikram and others,” the source said.

When reached for a comment, Yaddula could neither confirm nor deny that the Indian High Commission for Human Rights is investigating the matter.

” I cannot give any comment on that because the matter is under investigations. Go back to your sources and find out from them otherwise, you are not getting anything from me,” Mr Yaddula said.