Protect Vulnerable, Casuals, Seasoned and Non- Unionised Workers in Itezhi Itezhi and beyond. rt


As a leader with a heart of the workers I wish to appeal to the Labour commissioner to conduct physical Inspections in different company in order to protect the vulnerable workers.

Unionised Workers loses jobs everyday due to lack of commitment and presence of labour inspectors in rural districts such as Itezhi Itezhi in central province.

However, let me remind labour authorities on the categories of employees that need protection and labour market governance leadership.

Under the Labour laws that regulate labour markets in Zambia, an employer is expected to contract employees under any of the following:

1. Protected worker – vulnerable and non- unionised workers, Including casuals, temporarily and season workers who are protected by the minimum wages and conditions of employment act.

2. Contract worker – on Individual contracts of employment attested by a proper officer for compliance with labour laws as stipulated in the employment act.

3. Unionised worker – Protected by recognition agreement and their terms and conditions of employment are regulated in the collective agreement.

Issued by
Obert Namalongo
Itezhi Itezhi 2021aspiring MP – Upnd ticket.