Saudi Arabia Urged to Invest in Zambia’s Agriculture Sector

 Zambia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  Ibrahim Mumba has urged investors in Saudi Arabia to explore the huge potential in the country’s agriculture sector.
Ambassador Mumba said Zambia has continued to prioritise the agriculture sector through various strategies aimed at increasing production and productivity.
The Ambassador made the remarks during a virtual meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) to explore investment opportunities in the agriculture sector.
The meeting, organized by the Embassy, was attended by SALIC Chief Executive Officer His Excellency Mr. Suleiman Al Rumaih and officials from Ministry of Agriculture led by
Ms. Peggy Mlewa, Director, Policy and Planning.
Ambassador Mumba highlighted the available resources and key incentives that are vital for the agriculture sector to thrive and reach its maximum potential.
And Mr. Al Rumaih reiterated SALIC’S willingness to invest in Zambia’s agriculture sector and collaborate with companies that deal with wheat, barley, corn, soya beans, rice, sugar, vegetables oils, green fodder, red meat, poultry, milk products and aquaculture.
He said the company is keen to partner with institutions, companies or individuals who embrace the principles of ethical and responsible investment.
SALIC takes into consideration and prioriitises the food security of both the host country and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all its agriculture investments across the globe.