Texila American University, ZACCI Sign MoU

Texila American University and Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding, with the higher learning institution’s Vice Chancellor Vijayakumar Rarathinam

emphasizing the need for quality education to participate significantly to the growth of the economy that has been gravely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and the persisting load shedding.

Dr Vikay and Mr Kawesha after the signing ceremony


Dr Vijayakumar says million Zambians are aware of the need for qualitative education to improve the country’s economic status.


And ZACCI president Chabuka  Kawesha says, into consideration that ZACCI works to advocate for industry, business sector growth and private, public/partnerships partnership which ensures economic participation for all, he is delighted that MoU will work towards facilitate what is required in the industry and education sector.

Speaking during the signing of the MoU at Texila University main campus in Kabulonga, Lusaka, Dr Vijayakumar  said the higher learning institution has unwavering mission to contribute to the country’s development through provision of adequately skilled manpower into the country’s workforce.


He regretted that Zambia like many other sub-Saharan Republics   was in the 2018-19 season hit by a drought that lowered the country’s agriculture production and hydro power supply considerably.


Dr  Vijayakumar said long periods of load shedding dampened activities in almost all sectors, saying as a result Zambia faces low mineral distribution outputs and low copper prices.


He said the economic activities is expected to remain weak with growth dropping moderately from 2.4% in 2020 to 2.9% in 2021.


“…And now, with the global{Covid-19} pandemic, the situation has worsened further,” Dr Vijayakumar.





He said the country has few learning institutions offering quality education despite the population of school leavers increasing rapidly.

“…As though that is not enough, there is a shortage of biologists with a right skill and altitudes to manage multi-billion dollar companies. People end up looking for oversees university opportunities. Sadly, in many instances, the education provided{oversees) does not fit in the Zambian contest because it lacks the understanding of the Zambian economy and business environment. You will agree with me that what works in India, does not work in the United States of America and what could be a successful strategy in United Kingdom, cannot work in Zambia,” Dr Vijayakumar.


He said Zambia needs investors in the education sector to establish private learning institutions to provide lessons that could fit the Zambian economy and business environment, saying this is a gap Texila University is bridge.


And Speaking at the same occasion Texila American University Dean of College of Business and Science(COBAS) Elliot Mumba was excited that university was signing the MoU with ZACCI to collaborate and partners in a number   of areas.

He said successful collaborations have a common purpose, strong insistence, on whole system approach and shared power

“Let me thank ZACCI for its strong interest and engagement with us, as Texila American University, more so with the College of Business, Arts and Science. Together as partners, we will continue to deliver students and prosperity,” Mr Mumba said.


He also thanked Texila American University management for its dedication for its dedication to this cause of forming partnerships in order to create synergy to serve the students better.


The purpose of this MOU is to collaborate on several educational project initiatives, offer short-term mentorship programs to the registered Corporate and Associate members of ZACCI, offer scholarships and enrich the training process and to develop human resources, among other things.