Musoma, Chanda deceiving Lungu-Dr Cosmo Mumba   …They are eating Lungu’s money by masquerading as political leaders


Cosmo Mumba his wife Martha



National Revolution Party(NRP) leader Cosmo Mumba has taken a swipe on Patriotic Front(PF) surrogate political parties, National Congress Party(NCP) led by Peter Chanda and Zambian Republican  Party (ZRP) under the leadership of Wright Musoma for entangling themselves in the ruling party’s intra-party politics.


And Dr Mumba says President Lungu should not be mislead by Pastor Chanda and Mr. Musoma because they are just masquerading as political leader when in the actual fact they have no people and have never participated in any election.


Pastor Chanda and Mr. Musoma held a joint press briefing where they cast aspersion on Patriotic Front(PF) presidential hopeful Kelvin Bwalya Fube fondly referred to as KBF.


Mr. Musoma said KBF has a bad reputation as a lawyer while Pastor Chanda accused KBF of disrespecting the PF constitution and its leader Edgar Lungu.



But Dr Mumba wondered why the two gentlemen he termed as briefcase politicians are on a crusade of interfering in the internal affairs of the ruling party.


He said it is clear that KBF was expelled from the PF but he has not responded to the expulsion letter, saying it is up to the convention to be held anytime soon to either blame or vindicate him.


“Those idiotic and masquerading political leaders have no rights to talk about the intra-party politics of the Patriotic Front. Why are they attacking KBF? It is clear that KBF was expelled from the party but he has not responded to the expulsion letter, therefore they should wait for the PF convention to determine his fate,” Dr Mumba charged.


He said as a PF alliance partner, it would be folly on his part  to attack KBF who is speaking the language of the ruling party and wondered why Mr. Musoma and Pastor Chanda have gone on rampage vilifying the former PF Deputy Chairperson for elections.


Dr Mumba said every party that enters into an alliance with the PF has no moral rights to attack someone whose blood is PF like KBF.


And Dr Mumba has dared Mr Musoma and pastor Chanda to show President Lungu the people they represent because the duo has never contested any election.

According to NRP leader, the two gentlemen are deceiving President Edgar Lungu that they have electorate when in fact not.


“The President should not tolerate political parties that have never participated in any election. Cosmo Mumba has been fielding candidates, my wife stood in Chawama, in Katuba, we fielded a candidate, in Lusaka Central we fielded a candidate , in Kafue we fielded a candidate, in Chisali we fielded a candidate and at some point,  I contested as a councilor,” he said.

Asked why he is criticizing  political parties that share the share the NCP goal of working the the ruling party, Dr Mumba said: “I have got an alliance with the PF and the only person I work with is President Edgar Lungu and not those guys, I am not with them because they are just eating money, masquerading themselves as political party leader when they have failed to field a councilor since inception of their political parties.”


He challenged the Registrar of Societies to deregister political parties that have never participated in any election.

“NRP participates in elections despite losing the polls. So, we can tell ba Edgar Lungu that we participated in elections  in Katuba, Chawama, Kafue, Chisali and Lusaka  and we had numbers which we can add up if the President does not get 50

+1%. So, President Lungu should not tolerate idiotic and masqueraders of presidents of political parties because they have never participated in elections,” he said.