Ellen Manyando Eyes Munali Seat

My desire to enter into the murky waters of politics is to serve the people and not to enrich myself, National Revolution Party(NRP) Munali Constituency 2021 aspiring candidate Ellen Manyando has declared.

Ellen Manyando

While most politicians change the goal post and start representing their own interests, Ms Manyando said she holds the  people of Munali at heart.


Speaking in an interview in Lusaka after being appointed as NRP Administrative Secretary, Ms Manyando said is game to represent the people of Munali.


Asked if she is not shaken to compete against NRP leader Cosmo Mumba’s niece Prof. Nkandu Luo if the PF readopts her, the Munali hopeful said that will not be a problem.

Ellen Manyando

“In 2021, I will be competing with a giant but it is the ability to serve that is required and I will prove to everyone that I am capable…despite being new, I am capable and I promise the people of Zambia that under the leadership of Dr Cosmo Mumba, we are going to deliver,” she said.


Citing a myriad of constraints afflicting the people of Munali, Ms Manyando said she is equal to the task.


She said the people of Munali Constituency are looking for a leader to foster  development, arguing that for a long time now they do not have a proper representation.


Ms Manyandu assured that a number of women will be empowered once she is elected as Munali MP.


“We have lined up a number of developmental activities but all in all, we are looking at women empowerment and encouraging more women to take part in politics,” she stressed.


When reminded that she will be politically bruised because Zambian politics are characterized by character assassination, fights and innuendos, Ms Manyandu said is not bothered about that because that is a price she has to pay if she has to serve the people of Munali.


“In life, you don’t take chances to serve the people,’ she quipped.


The Munali Constituency is currently held by Prof. Luo with Manyando, Antonio Mwanza and Chris Chiinda eyeing the seat.