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Capitalism is the root cause of all the problems – Marxs
People will continue to be deceived as long as they do not know whose interests are hidden behind any slogan – Lenin
You have to suspect every event that is happening .. Buddha
It is a pity that in the light of the above-mentioned Marx, Lenin, and Buddha’s comments on the corona virus being declared a global pandemic under the name of Covid-19, the suspicions that need to be made in the public sense, but the observations that need to be made, are not going to be minimal.
As  World Health Organisation(WHO) declares, is this virus really as dangerous as all the countries and people in the world believe ? Is it as horrible as the campaign? Does this pose a great challenge to human existence? Is this really a world epidemic? Are there any (human) forces hidden behind this ? Many such questions need to be answered. This work needs to be done by progressives, analysts of public issues, observers and intellectuals in the context of Marxism. This is an urgent task.
Failure to dwell on the fears, lies, semantic truths and myths created about the corona virus should underestimate the profit motive and desire for exploitation of the capitalist system. Serious discussions and analyzes need to be raised on a large scale.
Seen in that light, the fears caused by the corona virus are only the creation of capitalism. Its characteristic is to make a profit out of the needs of the people in the past, and sometimes even to create needs (turning even non-essential goods into essential goods).
Yet the virus continues to exploit people’s natural fears (eg, beliefs, fear of life, etc.).
However, the virus is now a (created) weapon used to create fears, turn those fears into profits, and legitimize people’s labor. This means that the benefits of artificial fears are many times greater and more immediate than the benefits of natural fears.
Artificial fears and immediate gains should be considered the pinnacle of capitalism, engaged in filling the coffers of investors in completion. The first thing W.H.O did when the virus was first identified was to declare it a global pandemic. Prior to this announcement, there was no consultation with any of the world’s countries, medical professionals, biologists or virologists, and no study on any single subject, including the prevalence rate, recovery rate, disease symptoms, mortality rate, medical readiness, and drug readiness without a preliminary study on the virus.
Declaring a global epidemic for the sole reason of high prevalence raises many suspicions. In the past, viruses such as SARS (9.6%), Hunta (22%), Ebola (70% mortality rate), and Rota were taken lightly and only 2 With a mortality rate of 3% (any single death is mild but in medical terms this rate is very small) the virus will wipe out the very existence of humanity. The world needs to know the forces behind the spread of the virus faster than the virus, as well as the richest nations in the world, the development trajectory. Only the United States, Britain, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Iran, and South Africa are among the countries where the virus is associated with fears. The reasons for the spread should also be considered.
In fact, many people die of different diseases every day. The number of deaths per day from other diseases such as cancer and pneumonia is higher than the number of coronary deaths per day. Most are happening for heart-related reasons. The main reason for this is panic. It is known that stress and fear not only weaken the immune system but also cause hypertension, heart disease and impaired heart function, which means that if the fears of the people are eliminated, the current mortality rate is more than halved. The consequences of the current virus are even more alarming than the fear of being infected.
The social distance implemented in place of the physical distance has become a social barrier far ahead
 ..Disease man who is also having problems with milk, water and vegetables