God wants Pres. Lungu, HH To Reconcile Publicly-Apostle Mayambu

Apostle Mayambu
By Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu
The Lord continues to speak to the nation of Zambia through His servant Apostle Obrian Mayambu during his 40(forty) days of Prayer and Fasting for Zambia and He is calling His people in the nation of Zambia to pursue righteousness.
The Lord is  saying, He will expose every evil in the Nation of Zambia so that His righteousness will be established.
The Lord is also calling the Church in Zambia to walk in unity and  must speak with one voice while standing on the truth.
The Church must also preach the message of peace, unity and love in the Nation. The Lord is saying that His excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the president of the major opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema should reconcile publicly before the 2021 General Elections.  Both leaders must put down there own interests and  put Zambia first.
This reconciliation is very important for  Zambia’s peace to continue to prevail .
I Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu want to urge all believers and the Church  to continue  praying  for Mother Zambia for Peace Unity and Love among us and let us continue to embrace the ” one Zambia one nation” motto
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