Mobile National Registration In Mushindamo District Delays …As MP Kintu urges Government Not To Leave Out Anyone In The UPND Strongholds

Solwezi East Member of Parliament Leaky Kintu is worried that there is segregation in the Mobile National Registration issuance as the exercise has not yet commenced in Mushindamo District, the opposition United Party for National Development(UPND) stronghold.

Minister of Affairs Stephen Kampyongo

And Mr Kintu smelt a rat at the manner in which the mobile National Registration issuance exercise is proceeding in Mushindamo District, saying the practice is shrouded in secrecy.

Hon. Leaky Kintu

According to the UPND Member of Parliament, Government is hiding information on the mobile National Registration Cards while ZANIS is not on the ground to tell the residents of Mushindamo how the exercise is being implemented.

The audibly annoyed Kintu said the mobile National Registration issuance exercise that was supposed to take off on 2nd August has not commenced in Mushindamo Districts, hovering   fears that a number of residents may not acquire their Constitutional documents.

Speaking in an interview from Mushindamo District, Mr Kintu said the officers charged with responsibility to conduct the mobile National Registration exercise are not on the ground.

The MP said when he pushed the North Western Province Permanent Secretary against the wall on when the exercise would commence in Mushindamo District, he (Mr Kintu) was informed that it will start today(Sunday).

He said Government should avoid chaos by ensuring that all districts and wards are catered for in the Mobile National Registration exercise.

“We have noted that today is 7th July 2020 but the Mobile National Registration issuance has not yet began in Mushindamo District. The people charged with the responsibility to issue mobile National Registration Cards have not been to Mushindamo District.  I queried the Permanent Secretary who told me that the exercise will commerce tomorrow (8th August 2020) in various station,” he said.

Mr Kintu said it is his prayer that all the wards in Mushindamo District that were supposed to be covered before the 8th of August will be done in the interest of the country’s National Constitution.

“We have noted that dates that were given on the Mobile National Registration Card calendar have already passed. For example, in Lamba and Yowela centres, the exercise was supposed to commence on 2nd August while in Shafilundu centre, the programme was expected to start on 4th August. But officers were nowhere to be seen. The PS cannot confirm whether these people will get back to the areas where they have not done the exercise, the Provincial National Registration Officer cannot confirm and the District National Registration Officer can also not confirm. So, we don’t know how this exercise is being done. Now, it is like there is a lot of secrecy going on. They have chosen to hide the information from members of the public. ZANIS(Government’s  Public Relations) is nowhere to be seen, to tell the people how this exercise is going on but as a Member of Parliament, I have informed everyone in Mujimazobvu ward, Mapunga ward, Kalile ward Lamba ward, Kang’wena ward, Mulonga ward, Chikola  ward and  Musaka ward and  they are waiting for these officers to come and issue the National Registration Cards but these people are nowhere to be seen, what is going on?”

He urged Government to come in the open and tell the people of Mushindamo what is obtaining on the ground.

“This exercise is supposed to take 30 days but today is 7th of August. So, we are remaining with very few days. What is going on? Can the nation know what is transpiring in obtaining the NRCs?” the lawmaker asked.

However, Mr Kintu said 30 days was not enough to issue National Registration Cards to the Zambian people because most of them(residents) registered as far as 1982 and some of them are of age now.

Asked if fears raised by some stakeholders that the mobile National Registration Cards exercise may be heavily concentrated in the PF strongholds, the lawmaker said:

“Yes, because these things are being done in secrecy, they don’t want to give information. I was talking to the Provincial and District Registration Officers and they are declining to tell me what is going on. I told them that, “look, we are all stakeholders and the community is very important in this exercise. Since it is not a PF stronghold, they want to deny us NRC so that come 2021 we don’t vote and elections go to their favour,” Mr Kintu said