Cosmo Mumba, PF risk facing God’s Wrath-Bishop Mambo …for mocking Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu


By Staff Reporter

Archbishop Mpundu


Chikondi Foundation, president John Mambo has warned National Revolution Party(NRP)  Cosmo Mumba and Patriotic Front(PF) cadres that have gone on rampage mocking Former Catholic Church Lusaka Diocese Telesphore Mpundu that they risk facing God’s wrath.

Bishop John Mambo


Bishop Mambo reacted crossly to the ruling party and its ally that are vilifying Archbishop Mpundu for his recent remarks that bill 10 should be referred to as bill third term.


During a Press Conference, Dr Mumba mockingly appointed Archbishop Mpundu as NRP chairperson for religious Affairs since he so wishes to “wear a political jacket.”


“I therefore appoint Telesphore Mpundu as NRP Chairperson for Religious Affairs. Since Mpundu wants to enter into politics, I have thought it wise to offer him a position before another political party gets to him because we need his brains,” said Dr Mumba in a fairly packed Ndeke Hotel room in Lusaka.


That remark did not sit too well with Bishop Mambo who branded it as an insult to the anointed man of God.

Ironically, Dr Mumba who made such a remark is a destined Reverend of the United Church of Zambia but does not take to the pulpit because of his involvement in active politics.


Bishop Mambo said that being a member of the Church, Dr Mumba should know the consequences of maligning an ordained man of God like Archbishop Mpundu.

He said Archbishop Mpundu has spent his entire priesthood preaching social justice.


“That is an insult…Dr Mumba should learn to respect the cross. The Bible says touch not the anointed ones. Dr Mumba is of your age (the age of this writer) and if he wants to see the sun, he mustn’t say such things. I spoke against injustice in the Kaunda era…I was jailed and almost deported but he (Dr Kaunda) never insulted the clergy. Moreover, Archbishop Mpundu did not talk about Cosmo, he was talking about the ruling party in Government. Therefore, offering him a position by Cosmo is not helping…,” he said.


The Bishop added: “For Archbishop Mpundu, I am begging Cosmo and any cadre or person who wants to attack not only Archbishop Mpundu but any other man of God for speaking for the voiceless to desist from doing that. Archbishop Mpundu was there when things were bad in the 90s as a young Bishop, coming from the position of being Secretary General of the Zambia  Episcopal Conference now Catholic Conference of Bishops in Zambia). That is why someone was saying that in Zambia, you don’t read, you just talk anyhow but for me, I know who has done this and who has done that. I will not call Archbishop Mpundu a hero but he has been in the forefront, fighting for the good of the people of this country. He(Mpundu) does not want to be a President. What does he gain to become a President of this country because then, he will lose a focus of being God’s ambassador?”       


The Chikondi Foundation president said he has great regards for Archbishop Mpundu who he described as a man with impeccable character.

“…So, is Archbishop Mpundu looking for a job? No, he is not. If he wanted to stand as President, he can do that but he is just trying to offer advise. The problem with Zambia is that there are too much insults, too much drum beatings. If Mambo talks, it means he is an opposition or planning to run for a political office. No, no, no, my party is when I go to the ballot box where my vote is secret. I can’t go to the NGOs, CiSCA or Chikondi Foundation or to the Church and say, ‘I belong to party A or B. At least not here in Zambia. We have not reached that stage in Zambia. In America, you can say that I am a Democrat or Republican. Even you reporters, you can’t say, you belong to this and that political party,” the Bishop said.

 Bishop Mambo said he feels for Archbishop Mpundu but was quick to point out that the Former Catholic Lusaka Dioceses has a thick skin.

“He has a thick skin, an elephant skin like that of mine. It doesn’t bother me that tomorrow you write that Bishop Mambo is an opposition member. I was close to (late President Michael) Sata but I never got any position. Sata was sued before he went to State House and the person he wanted to stand for him in court was myself and the lawyer was Mundia Sikatana because one of the tabloids had called him a mad person. He came to my house in the evening and said ‘I want you to go to court and stand for me  as a witness that I am not a mad person,’ and I said ‘Yes, you are not mad, you just talk the way I talk’. Apparently, that matter never took off,” he said.


Bishop Mambo added: “The ones that are in the forefront now are what in Bemba they say bamuselela kwa kaba. They just want to eat. The legacy of Sata… If the legacy of Sata was followed (even though he had a mouth like mine), Zambia could have been a better country because Sata didn’t allow corruption, Sata didn’t want gossip. If Sata felt bad about me, he would call me and say, ‘I am not happy about this, I will sort you out’ of course he had state machinery. But I would say, ‘you will sort me out but God will sort you out’. Then we would start laughing about it but not this leadership.”