I’ve forgiven Mumbi, Kaizer Zulu …But I have not forgotten about the hell I went through in prison

United Party for National Development(UPND) Lusaka Province Chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta has forgiven Former President Edgar Lungu’s Political adviser Kaizer Zulu and PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri for allegedly influencing his arrest that culminated into a year long imprisonment.
And Mwaliteta has dispelled talks that the PF has no formidable opposition.
Speaking in an interview with Kwacha, Mr. Mwaliteta said while it is difficult to forget the traumatizing event that characterized his life in jail shortly after the 2016 General Election, he has found it in his heart to forgive his perceived tormentors.
During the voting of the 2016 elections, Mr. Mwaliteta, in a company of UPND cadres intercepted a truck, allegedly carrying pre-marked ballot papers but things soured when they were cornered by the Zambia Police Service who later charged them with aggravated robbery offence.
That arrest was purportedly engineered by Mrs Phiri and Mr Zulu who were heavily involved during the capture.
Mwaliteta and others spent a year in Chimbokaila Prison until they were vindicated through absolute acquittal.
The Former Kafue Lawmaker sued the State for malicious prosecution and won the case. The State appealed against the case, though the appeal was not within the stipulated time of two weeks.
Mwaliteta said he holds no grudge against Zulu and Mumbi following their alleged involved in his brutal arrest.
“Those are my colleagues and I have forgiven them. Actually, those are mistakes we make in life…when you are in power, you tend to look at other people to be powerless. Kaizer Zulu is my colleague and Mumbi Phiri is my colleague,” he assured.
Mr Mwaliteta said going to jail for the flamed up charges was sacrifice he had to make for a better Zambia.
“For us to struggle to fight for a better Zambia, we need people to sacrifice and I am one of them. I am a symbol of sacrifice for better Zambia because I passed through hell but I can’t go back, I have to look forward so that maybe, my children will find a dollar at single digit because we found a dollar at single digit with late President Sata. Are we not ashamed that the dollar is K18? Even the World Bank has left to deal on its own, no one is controlling it, it is free falling. So, we will continue to sacrifice for a better Zambia,” Mr Mwaliteta said.
And Mwaliteta said had he not been a principled opposition leader, he could have rejoined the PF when President Lungu visited him twice when he was in prison.
“Do you know what it is to be in prison for one year and the President comes there to talk to you? You can beg him to give you freedom. I have nothing against President Lungu but I don’t believe in what they do hence remained there(Chimbokaila) to wait to be vindicated,” he said.
And the former Minister said Zambia has a formidable opposition in the UPND, allaying talks that the ruling PF has no competitor ahead of the 2021 elections.
“They are saying that there is no opposition in Zambia because the opposition which is in Zambia is a clean opposition. There is no mafia opposition in Zambia. We are not mafias but a clean opposition aligned to innocent Zambians. That is why they can’t see us. A thief can steal without knowing whether the owner is there or not but we are here and we just want to tell them that things are bad, people are crying. It is them who should open their eyes. They have eight Months to go, so let them do something. Can they try to do things that will help the Zambian people. The food basket is K5, 000. Go with a K1 000 to Shoprite, you will not fill up a trolley. Look at the salaries of civil servants…,” he said.
Mr Mwaliteta regretted that the system has collapsed in Zambia.
“Hakainde Hichilema is the only medicine to the problems the people of Zambia are going through,” he said.
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