Statement On The Role Of The Church

August 16,2020
 President Edgar Lungu ‘s timely advice to the Church not to abandon its critical mandate to preach love,peace and unity is most welcome.
Indeed, the Church plays a critical role of fostering unity in the nation by preaching peace and love.
However, we have noted with concern how some Church mother bodies have abandoned their critical role of fostering unity and peace in the nation by sowing seeds of discontent among citizens.
We are surprised that some Church mother bodies are opposing the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation, a move which is in conflict with our national values and principles.
The said Church mother bodies have also joined  forces those who are opposed to everything Government says and does.
We expect the body of Christ to partner with Government  by preaching peace and love in an effort to foster unity in the nation and not otherwise.
Issued by:
Zambian DNA Spokesperson
Spuki Mulemwa