Statement On Govt’s Political Will To Improve The Youth’s Welfare

August 18, 2020

Zambian DNA has noted that Government has demonstrated political will to address the youth’s plight and improve their welfare than other previous administrations.
We say so because there are so many empowerment initiatives tailored to enable the youth access funds, skills training and entrepreneurship development.
Just recently President Edgar Lungu launched yet another windfall Multi-million Kwacha Youth Empowerment Fund.
Whilst Government has demonstrated political will to improve the youth’s welfare, the youth themselves should ensure they access the said funds or resources.
And one of the best ways the youth could access the said funds is to form cooperatives.
We think that cooperatives could provide the youth a better platform to lobby for funds or tap into resources from Government.
Moreover, the Zambian youth are leaders of tomorrow, and as such we do not expect them to be used as tools of political violence by disgruntled elements or as front-runners of civil unrest.
In view of the foregoing, we urge the youth to take advantage of Government’s political will and commitment to improve their welfare by engaging in skills training and income-generating activities to improve their livelihood in order to adequately prepare themselves to take up the leadership mantle.
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