August 22, 2020

No-one becomes a Republican President unless the Zambian people give him the mandate as was the case with President Edgar Lungu in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Moreover, we are confident that Zambians in their collective intelligence will renew their social contract or extend President Lungu’s mandate to govern for another five years given his exemplary performance  these few years he has been in office.

However, we are alive to a clique of disgruntled elements’ attempt to agitate for regime change by manipulation and peddling falsehoods about President Lungu in an effort to erode the Zambian people’s confidence in him and influence their perception about his leadership style.

Zambians will recall that the said disgruntled elements in an alliance with media outlets hostile to Government have been fighting President Lungu as they never wanted him to be a Republican President.

For example, the ill-conceived Third–Term Debate has been orchestrated to influence Zambians’ perception that President Lungu is not eligible to contest 2021 polls when in fact not.

In fact, the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) delivered a landmark judgment that declared that President Lungu is eligible to contest 2021 polls.

However, we expect all patriotic and well-meaning citizens to respect the Court’s decision.

It’s now abundantly clear that those fighting President Lungu are scared of him contesting 2021 polls as he will crush their preferred presidential candidate yet again.

But no matter what those fighting President Lungu are scheming against him in favour of their preferred presidential candidate, the Zambian people will renew President Lungu’s mandate to govern for another five-year term.

It’s for this reason we are urging the Zambian people not to be swayed by the lies of President Lungu’s enemies as they are driven by selfish interests; but rally behind President Lungu’s  leadership  as he means well for the country.

Issued by:

Consortium of Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations