Leaky Kintu Pumps In K100,000…For the water rehabilitation project in Solwezi East 




After fruitless pleas for   Government to embark on the water rehabilitation programme in his constituency, United Party for National Development(UPND) Solwezi East Member of Parliament (MP) Leaky Kintu has pumped in K100 000 into the project.


Mr Kintu recently launched a water rehabilitation project in Mushindamo District.


The local authorities have failed to mount boreholes in Mushindamo District, prompting the area Member of Parliament to use his hard-earned cash to carryout the project.


According to Mr Kintu, the water rehabilitation   that is currently underway, will see boreholes being placed in the seven wards of Mushindamo district namely Chikola, Mujimazomvu, Musaka, Kalilele Kangwena, Musele  and Kibanza.


The Member of Parliament said he has engaged two individuals to spearhead the project.

The move by Mr Kintu   to install pipes in Mushindamo District is  welcome, considering that the area is  greatly hit by water blues.

The MP disclosed that  works in Musaka and Chikola wards have since commenced.


“…However, some places had water submissive crisis hence the team will be back to work on them,” he said.

Asked why he is using his hard-earned money to place boreholes in the  constituency when it is a duty of a sitting Government to do so, Mr Kintu said he could not sit idle as MP but had  to provide service for the people that queued up to vote for him in the 2016 General Elections.


“I decided to put aside K100 000 on the water rehabilitation program in Mushindamo District after realizing that the people who voted for me are suffering. As you maybe aware, water rehabilitation program is for the local authorities but they have not moved in to provide the  services to the resident hence thought it wise to do so as area MP,” he said, ” I will forever indebted to my electorates.”