Statement On Why Zambians Need A Selfless And Humble Leader

September 1, 2020
Zambians want a selfless and humble leader with a heart for the people.
It’s for this reason why Zambians will this time around conduct an integrity test for those vying for the highest office in the land to examine their suitability to hold such a lofty position.
Unlike President Edgar Lungu whose all-inclusive development agenda which is tailored not to leave anyone behind proves that he’s a selfless and humble leader with a heart for the people, most of the opposition leaders will fail the integrity test as they are selfish and do not care for the people.
We say so because the opposition UPND leaders do not allow their elected representatives to lobby Government for developmental projects in their respective areas.
Whilst the people who sent them to Parliament and Councils are suffering, the UPND is comfortable having a reasonable number of seats in Parliament and Councils.
Why then should Zambians entrust the opposition UPND with the mandate to govern given the Party’s lack of concern for the people’s welfare?
More so, Zambians will assume Hakainde Hichilema is unfit to vie for the highest office in the land given the unexplained role he played in the privatization of State-enterprises.
As a matter of fact, the opposition leader‘s involvement in the said privatization process is marred with a lot of irregularities and raises moral issues.
Zambians are not looking for any president, but a president whose leadership qualities are that of a selfless and humble person with a heart for the people   ̶   and that leader is President Lungu!
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