Tired of being called a prostitute, Choma woman attempts suicide

A WOMAN of Mwapona Compound in Choma was at the verge of killing herself and her four year old daughter in a suicide attempt Sunday saying she was tired of accusations of being a prostitute.
Her husband, Webster Muchindu came back home in time, before she could hatch her plan, only to find her trying to give her daughter what appeared to be a poisonous chemical called DOOM.
Vivian Mudenda, aged 30 also confirmed with a Byta FM News crew that rushed to scene, that she wanted to commit suicide because her relatives are calling her a prostitute for demanding money that they owe her.
Mudenda explains that she also wanted to kill the four year old as she believes no one could take good care of her if she died.
She denies having taken the suspected poison when asked, but says she wanted to kill the child first before herself.
The woman and her daughter were checked at Railway Surgery Clinic and discharged the same day.
Meanwhile, Muchindu reveals that upon arrival home from work, he found his wife trying to give poison to their child, but he grabbed it before she could administer it.
Muchindu says he took the family to the area ward councilor who further took them to Choma Central Police and Railway Surgery Clinic.
Simacheche Ward Councillor, Donald Simaato confirmed receiving the information of suicide attempt between 15 and 16 hours on Sunday.
Credit: Byta FM