Zambians Want HH To Account For Their Assets

  • September,  2  2020

    Zambians expect opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to clear his name if he thinks there was no wrong doing in the sale of national assets just as other political leaders have done before, including former Heads of State.

    Zambians as the owners of the national assets in question want the opposition leader to account for how he disposed-off the said assets on their behalf.

    As stated before, Hichilema’s involvement in the privatization of State-enterprises is marred with a lot of irregularities and raises moral issues.

    It’s for this reason we advise Hichilema to desist from speaking through his surrogates who are now issuing threats and hurling insults on those that are demanding for answers from him on the role he played in privatization of national assets.

    We also urge Hichilema to stop playing double standard tactics on being accountable to the Zambian people as he often accuses Government officials, including President Edgar Lungu of not being accountable to the people.

    Issued by:

    A Consortium of Political Parties and Non- Governmental Organizations