Pres. Lungu’s Watershed Address To The National Assembly

September 16, 2020


President Edgar Lungu’s watershed address to the National Assembly highlighted various critical social and economic issues affecting the Zambian people.

We are also elated that the speech was inspiring as it brought hope to many Zambian who were exasperated with COVID-19 pandemic- triggered effects.

It’s worth noting that President Lungu clearly explained how Government will navigate the country out of COVID-19 pandemic-triggered effects full of social and economic resilience.

We urge all Members of Parliament to digest the speech so that they can effectively debate it on the floor of the House.

This time around we do not expect opposition MPs to walk out as doing so would betray their electorates who sent them to Parliament to represents their interests.

Issued by

A Consortium of Political Parties and Nongovernmental Organizations Spokesperson


Spuki Mulemwa

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