Take Responsibility, Helmut Reutter urges graduating students

By Fulman Mukobeko

Helmut with wife Esther

CHRESO University successfully held its 6th Graduation Ceremony, with its Chancellor Helmut Reutter, emphasizing the need for graduates to come out of the cocoons and take responsibility for the betterment of the country.


Reverend Reutter gave an example of Joseph of the Old Testament who graduated from prison to become a pillar of Egypt.

Prof Christopher Simoonga

And the University of Zambia has recognized the part played by Chreso University in providing quality education in the country.

Speaking at the graduation Ceremony attended by few graduates but placed on video conference due to the Corona pandemic, Mr. Reutter congratulated the graduants for successfully completing their studies.



The Chreso University Chancellor, however, urged the students, especially those that have graduated to take responsibility and actively contribute to the welfare of the country.

Rev. Reutter said graduating students should take a leaf from Joseph in the bible who graduated from Prison to ensure that there was food security in the land of Egypt and surrounding parts.

“We should thank GOD because when you are coming to this university someone contributed for you…You are coming to this school when someone has taken care of you. Most of you have been sponsored by your parents, guardians or some other sponsors including myself. This is a very important day where you should not rely on others to take responsibility for you…You should take responsibility for yourself,” Dr Reutter emphasised.

He added: “As I said earlier, this day makes a new chapter and season in your life…You have recieved studies and it is time for you to take responsibility for your country.”


Dr Reutter emphasized the need for graduating students to cultivate positive altitudes.

“Your altitude should be, ‘how can I save my community? How can I save my family? How can I save my future? Most of all, how can I save creation where GOD has put me in?” he possed.


And Dr Reutter wished graduating students well, adding that they have to take care of themselves so that they are good mirrors of society.

Dr Reutter is alive to the fact that people who fail to take care of themselves become a burden to society as a whole.
He was flanked by his wife Esther.

Reutter and his wife have ministered in Zambia since 1982.

Helmut and Esther are Founders of Gospel Outreach Fellowship, commonly known as GO Centre.
Helmut serves the Church as the Senior Pastor since its inception in 1992.

Helmut is a passionate preacher of the Word of God. His desire is to see the body of Christ come to its full stature in Christ as portrayed in Ephesians 4.11-14.

Guest of honour at the event was Professor Kafumukache who is Dean of the Medical School at the University of Zambia.


Prof. Kafumukache said he is happy that Chreso University, an affiliate of the University of Zambia is striving to provide quality education to the Zambian students.


Chreso University Vice Chancellor Christopher Simoonga also spoke at the event that was spiced by a church choir.
He congratulated the students and urged them to be responsible in life.
There were few people in the Chreso Conference Hall of Kalingalinga but the Church choir was there to put life to an event that was highly advertised.