It is Apparently Clear that the Patriotic Front (PF) led government, is Pursuing a Policy of Fixing Political Opponents before 2021. The Recent Calls for a Commission of Enquiry for Privatisation, is welcome, if we mean well in public Interests.

However, if it is to just fix One Hakainde Hichilema, it is; unjust, misplaced, flivorous , and malicious. The concept of ‘lawfare’, meaning, using the law dubiously, to fix Political Opponents on flimsy, and tramped- up charges, is an injustice.

Therefore, as Movement for National Transformation (MNT), we call on our Competent Courts, to remain judiciously; independent, impartial , and with integrity in managing Judicial Matters before it. Courts have a duty to convict the guilty , and aquit the innocent. The use of our Courts, by Corrupt politicians, to Convict the Innocent , and acquit the guilty, is what spells Despotic and a corrupt Political Leadership.

Furthermore, we call on all our Competent Lawyers in the Country and State Counsels, to uphold the Professional Ethics of the legal profession, and not be used for Corruption, or selfish aggrandizement for pecuniary Gain. As Lawyers, we must uphold the Professional Ethics, and conduct worthy of the legal Practitioners Act. Integrity, and Constitutionalism, must be the criterion upon which all actions on merit are judged. Selfish and Wayward Lawyers, who are being used for perpetuation of injustice, must introspectively rethink, why they accepted the noble profession, in the first place. Zambia needs answers, we must look to credible lawyers, as learned Colleagues, to assist the ailing nation.

Moreover, in a Christian nation, injustice is an abomination to God. God hates injustice. Whoever rules among men, must be just and fear God, and provide visionary leadership as the morning light with clear direction, as seen in ( 2 Samuel 23:1-7). Being in political office, must not be for with impunity oppressing others, but in honor serving others well, for God’s glory, and as a sacred privilege from the electorates. The Military and Inteligence, must not be corrupt, but serve the best interests of our sovereign security, and peace. Fellow Politicians, who support wrongs, merely for personal gain, know that you are the poison, killing our well-being , as a Nation. Rather, we must Speak truth to power, and be true to ; others , yourself, and God. Posterity will judge you harshly!

THEREFORE, We call on the Republican President, and all the leaders of the Patriotic Front led government, to reconsider what is really motivating them in pushing for Bill 10, and the Agenda for Privatisation Commission of Enquiry, whether it is truly in public interests, or mere selfish preservation. If so, why is it that the nation is so divided? Why not reconsider some things, for the sake of the entire country, and all stake holders? Winning elections , deceptively or truthfully, is not everything. Vision, Legitimacy, and credibility, qualifies good governance.

Remember, Injustice breeds injustice. What you do to others, will invariably be done to you with time. You reap what you sow . The same measure you mete on others in judgement, will be meted against you with time. Let us all seek to unify our sovereign state, rather than further divide it by all means, if we mean well for the Country.

May God bless our Great Republic in all.

Issued by:

Dr Daniel Mvula Shimunza.