Justice In Vinod’s Case Drags …As ZICTA Fails To Open The Gadgets Allegedly Used To Plot Vinod’s Attempted Murder

Justice in the Vinod Yaddula conspiracy to murder case has delayed because the Zambia Information and Communication Authority(ZICTA) failed to unlock the gadgets of the suspects.

Meanwhile, Yaddula’s life is still in danger, as unknown vehicles continue trailing him.

It has come to light that Yaddula’s case has dragged to see the corridors of the Zambian Court because the Zambia Police Service, Flying Squad Unit produced gadgets which had codes and encrypted WhatAPP conversations.

Impeccable sources disclosed that the DPP was unable to proceed with the matter because the police and ZICTA did not do due diligence.

” I can confirm that the DPP is unable to proceed with the matter because the phones that were allegedly used in the conspiracy to murder Mr Yaddula were locked with passwords and the WhatApp conversation were encrypted,” the source said.

“This is strange because ZICTA cannot and will never fail to remove passwords on the phone. You will agree with me that boys in the infamous Katondo street remove passwords from stolen phones every day. So, what about ZICTA, a regulator? You mean, they can fail to destroy passwords on phones? This is drama and we can’t buy it.”

In March last year, the Zambia Police Service, C5 unit arrested four suspects in connection with the conspiracy to murder Yaddula of Chibombo District in Central Zambia.
The four were Simon Nganga, Edward Morris, Liseli Imasiku and Renard.
Former Roxy Night Club DJ only identified as DJ Sheck was also implicated for leaking information to the suspects on the whereabouts of Yaddula.
He was detained and later released when he agreed to be a state witness.
Under interrogation, Nganga and DJ Shecks disclosed that the mastermind of conspiracy to kill Yaddula was Vikram Panyam Deva Reddy, a filthy rich Indian based in Dubai.
The four suspects were released on police bond.
When the case file first went to the National Prosecution Authority(ZICTA), it had no verified report from ZICTA, prompting the DPP to redirect the said file back to the Zambia Police Service.
After persistent queries by the victim, the police finally took the gadgets to ZICTA.
When reached for a comment, Yaddula could neither confirm or deny the story.

In the meantime, Yaddula’s life is still in danger.
Sources disclosed that vehicles continue trailing him from different locations.
“…He is also getting strange calls from unknown people,” the source said.