Vinod Yaddula Seeks Justice… In the conspiracy to murder case

Medical Reports of Vinod Yaddula’s employees, John Mwape and Isaiah Zimba…Two were ambushed by a South African Mafia

An Indian investor, Vinod Yaddula is seeking justice following a murder attempt on his life allegedly engineered by his former business partner-cum-foe Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy.


And on 23rd September 2020, an unregistered Toyota Prado,  white believed to be another set of Mafias from South Africa  trailed Yaddula from Lusaka’s East Park Mall to his house in 10 Miles, Chibombo District.

One of Yaddula’s employees attacked by a South African Mafia

Yaddula expressed concern that justice in the alleged case of conspiracy to murder him by his former partner Vikram Deva Reddy and others has dragged because there was no foresenic report from Zambia Information and Communication Authority(ZICTA), as the regulator failed to open the gadgets used in the act.

The South African mafia used a lethal weapon to attack John, Yaddula’s employee who is now stable

In March this year, the Zambia Police Service, Flying Squad Unit arrested four suspects, namely Simon Nganga, Edward Morris, Imasiku Liseli and Renald for allegedly plotting to eliminate Yaddula, 40 of Chibombo District. The four confessed under interrogation that they were hired by Vikram.


However, the case has not proceeded to court, with the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP), confirming through a letter dated 15th August, 2020 that ZICTA could not open the phones used during the alleged crime because they were locked with passwords and the whatApp conversations were encrypted.

Yaddula has since pleaded with ZICTA to open the gadgets so that the case could go to court because his life is still in danger.
He explained that on 23rd September 2020, an unregistered Toyota Prado, white in colour trailed him from town to his house in 10 Miles, Mungule area.

“Moments after I arrived at his house, a suspicious looking man entered my premises and upon being querried by my worker what he was doing, he became apprehensive and physically descended on them,” he narrated.

However, the suspect managed to evade security and was drove off by the Prado on  Yaddula’s back.

“I followed after  the said vehicle until it reached 15 Miles and entered in a premises believed to be owned by Vikram’s relatives ,” Yaddula narrated.

He said efforts to follow the vehicle at the said premises proved futile as security adamantly refused to give him access.

Yaddula said the docket has since been opened at Mujuni Police Post in 10 Miles.