VIE-AQUA Purified Drinking Water Special Promotion!

Mountain Springs Beverages Limited wishes to announce a special massive discount promotion on their 750  mls  VIE-AQUA drinking water. Vie-Aqua is purified by state  of art purification system offering our customers the assurance of highest quality drinking water.

1X12 case of 750mls is now going at K25 only. We also do deliveries  to your premises , shops or homes.

We also have a water shop where we refill your dispenser water containers or containers of your own with reverse osmosis water giving you the perfect tasted of pure water. We also do deliveries for dispenser water.

Current promotion!!!

1X12 VIE-AQUA case(750mls) ======K25

Dispenser water refill(20 liter container)====K15

Call us today on 0962841947 or 0953017904

We are located on Farm No.687/A/1/D/16, Makeni,Lusaka.


VIE-AQUA, Purified water with a perfect taste