betPawa paints Zambia Green Again!

Zambia’s most successful betting firm, betPawa has done it again, painting the country green in the most decorated manner.

A check along the line of rail, stretching from Copperbelt to Lusaka revealed that the betting firm, through its marketing team has mounted green bill boards.
In addition to that, most buses have been branded with the green Betpawa colour.

The wording on one of the bill boards read: ” My Pawa…to win 500 percent bonus” and wordings on the branded buses read: ” My Pawa won me 718, 025 from 5 ngwee.”

Mwamba Mwango, a Kitwe resident said he has been betting online for a long time and does not see himself quitting because it has become a source of livelihood for his family.
Asked why he values betPawa than any other betting company, he said the firm focuses much on the interest of the clients rather than making profits.
“The marketing team ensures that it sensitise us(clients) on responsible betting and most importantly, the betting stakes are us little as 1 ngwee, which everyone can afford, ” he stressed.

Mr Mwango added: “I retired from the mine ten years ago and my benefits were not that good. However, with the coming in of betPawa, I am affording to put three meals on the table and I’m managing to pay my bills. If you evaluate my betting activities or make comparisons, you will realise that the amount I have won is bigger than the money I lose since I started betting with betPawa channel.”

When reached for a comment, Betpawa Zambian Country Marketing Coordinator, Davy Mvula said betPawa made a good deal with the clients appearing on the bill boards.

He said betPawa pays the clients for the advertisement services.

” It is in the interest of betPawa to empower it’s clients. We pay both big and small winners whenever we use them for adverts,” he stated.

Mr Mvula said the firm has come up with a 500 percent win bonus and it is working round the clock to make betting friendly.

“…That is a reason our stake is as low as 1 ngwee and we have reduced the Jackpot to 50 ngwee,” he said.

Mr Mvula said betPawa cares for it’s clients, stating that it is the only betting company that is going where other betting companies fail to go.

“…betPawa follows it’s clients right where they are coming from. It doesn’t matter where they are, whether in rural or urban areas. If they can’t make it to Lusaka, Betpawa will follow them wherever they are to get their story,” he said.

Mr Mvula said betPawa has contributed significantly in the wealth creation of it’s clients.

He said most of the clients that have won big have used their money responsibly and they have continued to bet, adding that the firm will continue supporting it’s clients by emphasising on responsible betting.

Asked how betPawa is coping with aggressive competition, with the mushrooming number of betting firms.

Mr Mvula responded: “There is a lot of competition going on but betPawa is in the league of its own. Our stake is lower than anyone else because we want to make them friendly for our clients…We want to make it possible for everybody out there to have a chance of making money. Everybody can afford 1 ngwee…it is not physically there but it is there as a denomination of some kind for Zambia but on paper, we utilise that and some people have won using that kind of denomination. Competition is there but we are leading…people should tell how much we are doing in terms of marketing, how much we are sensitising our clients in terms of responsible betting. We advise them that they shouldn’t use the money meant for rentals, school bills, food and hospital bills to bet,” he said.