Mufulira District PF Welcomes Calls For Members To Stop Making Huge Pledges Without Fulfiling



Mufulira…Monday September 28, 2020

As PF Mufurila District, we wish to welcome the timely advice from our Provincial Chairman, MCC Nathan Chanda over members who are making huge sums of pledges and are not fulfilling them.

We want to support our Provincial Chairman on this one. For example our district office is now attending to some cultural groups,taxis and bus drivers who were hired and promised but up to now have not been paid. This applies to all marketeers too.

Pledges to all markets in the district of K200,000, K100 000 for Ronald Ross hospital and 50,000 for Kamuchanga District Hospital which were said to be given by Friday the 25/09/2020 have not been delivered and are now putting more pressure on the President and the PF party in Mufulira on daily basis.

The Copperbelt Mobilization Committee should stop this, it is working against us as a party here in Mufulira.

As a party we have a lot of things to talk about which we have archived in the areas of education, health, Agriculture, energy and infrustrature development, such as Roads, water infrustrature, housing and the airport which is being constructed sits in Ndola, Mufurila, Kitwe and Luanshya.

Mobilisation committees are there to supplement the efforts of the existing structures which were voted in with the mandate by the party constitution when it comes to mobilising the party because its the duty of structures to do mobilization of membership for 2021 general election.

Unlike what we are seeing in Mufulira its more like bringing people to fight the structures especially those who lost elections. All party structures are very unhappy with what is going on. Formation of Mobilization committees without consulting or sitting with the party structures. Party structures are considered irrelevant and are working as an autonomous body as they call themselves.

The mobilization Committee is here to collaborate and not demobilise but fall within the works of the party structures and must report to the party structures what they are doing and achievements.

As a District we will stand with our Provincial Executive Committee led by MCC Nathan Chanda Bwalya, the Secretary General of our Party and our loyalty is to the President Dr.Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is our candidate for 2021 General elections.

Issued by//

Mufulira District PF Chairman

Dr.Dominic John Mwale