Privatisatiin Enquiry Misplaced Priority For Political Deception


As Movement for National Transformation (MNT) , We have carefully, with keen interest, observed the Advocacy of Setting up a Commission of Enquiry for Privatisation. We have as a Party, utmost respect for the fundamental rights of All Citizens to Freedoms of; Conscience, Religion, Association, and Expression. Selective application of these freedoms, spells failed leadership.

However, it is sad to note, how urgent the Patriotic Front (PF) led government, is Pursuing a Policy of Fixing political Opponents, in the guise of deceptive tactical approaches, in advancing the privatisation Enquiry Agenda. It would have been a notorious fact by now, if this was the priority of the Zambian people, outside of advocacy that seems biased towards the ruling Party. We cannot window -shop national consensus, at any material time, on any national issue, as a government. Principle Centred Leadership, requires; sound judgement, being measured, and having a mature temperament. Against this said background, the following must be considered forthwith:

Firstly ,Whereas, it is a notorious fact, that State House, is supposed to be a National House, of All Citizens, sadly, the (PF) have reduced it to be a “Party Headquarters” rather than a place even for Opposition Parties, in National democratic governance. It seems State House, is now only for (PF) Cadres, and Surrogates, who can walk there anytime! This is very clear, seeing how the petitioners were received, not Opposition Party Leaders, at any time, who may help in Alternative views, to solve national Problems. The President has never once called Opposition Leaders, to State House, if he is A Democrat? A Father cannot segregate, which children come home!

Secondly, we question the credibility, and legitimacy of those advancing the Petitioning of the Commission of Enquiry on grounds, that they do not fully constitute the consensus of the entire Zambia, but (PF) alone. Therefore, the questions to ask, in this regard are;

1. Do the Petitioners constitute authentic Public Interests, or fixing Opposition political Opponents ?

2. Do the Petitioners enjoy, and celebrate objective, not subjective Consensus in the matter of such an Enquiry for all Citizens ?

3. Do the Petitioners- constitute Credible and legitimate advocacy, or it’s Surrogacy for the ruling Party, and not the Zambian People ?

4. Do the Petitioners have a legitimate Concern for justice, or they have a wrong motivation against certain selective individuals, who they deem political Opponents, thereof ? Will justice be served by such a process ? Or it is selective justice in a nation, which is an; In justice, frivolous, vexatious, and abuse of process?

5. Do the Petitioners care about unifying Zambia, or they are bent on dividing us further by such a process , which lacks merit in National interests, and prioritization ?

If the above objective, not subjective tests are considered, we are not adverse to such an Enquiry. However , we are sad to note that the manner the narrative over this matter has gone, will one day backfire, against the deceptive Presidency of Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in the Foreseable near future. They will all be made to account, after his tenure of Office, and all his Advisors for abuses . Where does smooth transitions of power begin, and end, except in good governance? Whatever, happened to presidential considerations for legacy? Self interests must be denied in the Presidency, for genuine national interests

The Republican President, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, will do well, to study the value of expenditure of colossal national resources under Covid-19 ailing Zambian Economy, to prioritize an expensive enquiring such as being advocated for. It is not an emergency at all for majority Zambians. The President must learn from:

1. The Task Force on Corruption, of the Mwanawasa Administration, it’s injustices, and failure in self-preservation, against one Dr. FREDERICK JACCOB TITUS CHILUBA, to be an injustice against an individual, rather than a systematic legal advocacy framework, in the corruption fight. This enquiry clearly risks similar failure. Wrong advisors can cost the Presidency, and it’s legacy tainted forever !

2. Other Commisions on; Barotseland , Violence, and Rodger Chongwe Commissions, respectively, Not to repeat these same mistakes . The Presidency, must promote; democracy , peace, justice, and national unity, not self-preservation in power- kind of policies, against political rivalry. Maturity, self -restraint , and great tolerance, are marks of political great leaders world over!

3. Principles of good governance which are ; participation, and effective representation in elections, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, openness and transparency, the rule of law, ethical conduct, competence and capacity, innovation and openness to change, sustainable and long term orientation to development, and sound financial management of the economy. All these are currently in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as tenets of democracy and good governance. The Presidency, is advised accordingly today.

Issued by:

Dr Daniel Mvula Shimunza.